On this page you will find testimonials about my readings and classes. I hope you will find them helpful.

Love to you all, Aisselle


6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I don’t know about this Aisselle. She hasn’t helped me much yet. But I still hope for a result, so I will say this for her – she did answer quickly, even if she may have got it wrong. And the potion arrived almost before I paid for it, so that was good.
    Watching to see if it works…

  2. This is to say that Aisselle is a great keeper of livestock. She even gives me my morning heart-starter most days, little realising that any “milk” I might from time to time give, will not be drinkable.

  3. This is to say that I believe Aisselle is a Tarot reader who does peculiar things at night. My boyfriend is still mute and twitching since seeing her. I think she creeps about my house at night looking for chocolate cake. Oh, she looks so perfect on the internet! I can’t believe she’s got a restraining order against me.

  4. I would like to provide a testimonial!
    I recently received a reading-by-fax (Aisselle helpfully told me that the beeping of the fax machine enables her connection to the aethyrs much more securely than a phone reading, so it was worth the extra cost!!).

    The reading was very clear and legible, with unintelligible words scrawled at odd angles on the paper only in about 3 places… the rest totally made all kinds of sense!

    I had asked about my work situation, and she said the cards demanded that I get the best job possible (unless I am already in the best possible job, and then I should keep it), and they even knew that I would like to be paid more, and also that my boss is kind of a jerk who’s always trying to run everything, and that sometimes some of my coworkers annoy me! Wow!! Spooky!!!!
    What an accurate reading!!!

    I think that everyone should buy a reading from Aisselle…
    she is so super-accurate, not to mention that her hourly rate, service fee, surcharges, tolls, psychic tax, hidden additional costs, and mandatory 3% tip, all add up to a very reasonable cost!

  5. I should like to offer thanks and admiration for the most intuitively deduced reading I have received in ages. My question was of necessity cloaked in mystery, but Aisselle cut to its very heart and without revealing my all to the world, gave me precisely the information I needed to continue my life without interruption. Very many thanks. I highly recommend this reader. A*** as they say on e-bay.

  6. I should like to say that I feel a certain tingle whenever I read your inspired blog and especially in looking at the photos. All of them but the ones with the animals I enjoy the most, although your dress is very nice too. I feel that I have been psychically enriched by my contact with you, and you are becoming quite dear to me, and even more so with the additional information about your animals and how you take care of your hair. And all of this without paying for a reading! You are a true blessing and I will definitely continue to read your blog even if I don’t buy a reading from you.

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