Tarot Ethics

My Ethical Principles in practice

I am 100% certain that I am an ethically correct tarot reader.

Firstly, I have promised to myself to no longer accept sex as payment for readings if the querent is low on funds.
I won’t make any exceptions. Unless there is mutual attraction, of course. I consider this a small sacrifice for the greater good.

I know from experience that getting to know the querent on such an intimate level contributes to much better readings. Sexual encounters with clients that have been mutually agreed upon have never caused me any problems. It actually helps me to tune into my client’s energetic frequencies much better. And as long as I keep this a secret from my partner, I don’t see a problem with it at all.
My clients well being comes first, of course.

Secondly, I will not suggest to clients to seek out my services more frequently than needed, unless there is a new tarot deck that I desperately need. In that case, I believe that it’s okay. More readings do help the querent to get a better understanding of his/her life and this way I can buy better tarot decks, which in return will be beneficial to the querent. Better tarot decks (especially out of print decks, which are pricey), give excellent readings. The economic turn down has made it difficult lately to obtain such decks, therefore I allow myself to be ethically flexible, as long as nobody feels uncomfortable. My ultimate goal is to serve humanity, after all.

Love to you all, Aisselle


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