I feel it is time to share my more spiritual wisdom, now that Hermaphroditey has led me to higher things.

Please look at my new improved learning opportunities and choose a course to suit your needs.

Learn more about the Order of the Tin Foil Hat.

Love to you all, Aisselle


13 thoughts on “Courses

  1. To all who have completed the courses I have offered in the past – blessings and congratulations. You may wish to return for more wisdom when my new courses are described upon this very page.

    Please do!

    Till when,

  2. Dearest Aisselle

    I’m here to sign up for the Master Tarot Course.
    Do I need my own deck, which one would you recommend for me to purchase?
    Can I purchase it from you?
    What else do I need to partake in this course?
    What should I wear?
    Am I asking too many questions?
    Yours Painfully

    • Dear Jack,
      Welcome to my course!
      You do need your own deck, yes, and I have many for you to choose from. You can buy from me secure in the knowledge that your money will be well used and not swallowed up by some multinational corporation to fatten bankers’ pockets.
      You will need a tin foil hat – but I will include an extra class in their construction at a minimal cost, so please bring a roll of foil – the extra thick kind used for turkey roasting is best.
      As to what to wear – jangly jewellery is always good, and a blue gingham dress helps to concentrate the mind. Pretty underwear is optional.
      What else do you need – well, a paypal account helps, but cash is fine too, and also please bring cake. Jay loves cake.
      Ask all the questions you like – I do allow for discounts when the numbers get high enough.
      I am sorry to see you sign yourself “painfully” but I’m sure a massage from Jay will help there. He is very talented and not expensive.
      I will see you soon I hope.

      • Thank you for answering my questions.
        Just out of curiosity, which deck would you recommend for someone such as myself?
        I have purchased and extra thick extra wide roll of foil, I especially look forward to that part of the course.
        I managed to find a bag of old style milk bottle tops which I’d been keeping for a rainy day, so I may try and make some jewellery out of them.
        Would a brown dress with yellow flowers on do, there is one in my attic which belonged to my grandmother, I wear it on occasion when I want to feel close to her.
        It’s been on my mind to buy some pretty underwear for a while now, your powers never cease to amaze me.
        I will see if I have time to throw together a cake for Jay, does he ever go away?
        I look forward to receiving the blessing of your teachings.
        A little less painfully

  3. My dear Batty,
    My hats are custom made. The price will vary depending on its complexity. But yes, I do believe I see you there with your little lamb – and I would very much like to meet your friend. Please ask him to contact me as soon as possible.
    Blessings upon you.

  4. Dearest Aisselle,

    What a wonderfully generous person you are! I can’t wait to receive the course you are offering. I have previously had problems with ethics because I never quite knew how they worked, but you have already enlightened me, for free!

    I have a tinfoil hat. I made it last week. Can I wear it whilst doing the course? I suspect it will greatly improve my learning capacity.

    A thousand thank you’s. (Hug a goat for me xx)

    • Dear – but I have no NAME for you. I cannot believe BATTY is your actual name.
      Dearest one, I will say.
      Of course wear the hat for your course; I would love to see a picture of you wearing it; please do send one. These hats do help to concentrate the waves of knowledge from the spirits and I feel sure they will enter your brain more effectively through the foil. However, I have to say that a hat purchased from my own self would be even more effective – perhaps you would like to consider this as a possibility.
      Meanwhile – if you are in the Kent area, I would be happy to give you a practical demonstration of how ethics can work in practice. Especially if you are a boy, but I can do it for girls too. Please do let me know which you are, if either, as the required preparations would be very different.
      I will now go and hug Blackie for you. He is a little bereft today. Milky has been cosying up to the alpacas.

      Blessings, Aisselle

      • Batty is the short (affectionate) name by which my friends call me, because my given name is Bathesheba. I use it here because I feel that we are friends on the ether-planes. When I meditate in my home-made tinfoil hat I get misty impressions of a wonderous light-being, with a goat. I think it’s you. Can you discern me? I have a chubby lamb with me. perhaps if I purchase one of your hats we will see each other more clearly. How much are they, I’d like a special one?

        Sadly I’m miles away from Kent, but I do have friends there. I believe one of them might be interested in the practical application of Ethics. He’s a he. I’m a she. He’s good at hands-on applications.

        Poor dear Blackie, give him an extra hug from me. And thank you for taking time to respond.

        Batty x

  5. Dear Aisselle, I am interested in the personal hygeine
    course. Can you tell me if this will involve any group work with lather? Would you be willing to offer flexible payment terms?

    • Dear astralingo,

      I’m afraid I cannot offer flexible payment terms, as I have many more animals to feed than before my birthday. Re. your question on the Personal Hygiene Course, there is much lather involved and many bodies, as the sheep and alpacas will have to be washed and disinfected before the weather gets too hot and the flies lay eggs on their tails.

      Truly, Aisselle

  6. Oh, now would be good. The goat needs food, and so does Jay. I will pass you my paypal details in a moment. Thank you, my dear. But – you will never qualify for the Order without the tinfoil hat… When you have learned more, you may wish to reconsider ?

  7. I would like to sign up for your classes. I want to be a Master Tarot Reader but I don’t look good in silver so I won’t wear a tin foil hat. I preferr a beaded Egyptain Headress. How soon can I send you my money?

    • Dear Maria,

      Please send money by PayPal asap. I have many more animals since last we were in contact. As I haven’t heard from you since my first reply I have reconsidered. Although the tin foil hat is an essential part of becoming a Tarot Master, I will make an exception in your case if you wear a tin foil band around your chest. It will not affect your appearance as it can be worn next to the skin, underneath your outer garments.

      Blessings, Aisselle

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