Offering a Very Special Reading – Inspired by Milky the Goat

Today, while milking my goats, my favorite goat Milky, had snapped my RWS deck out of my pocket.

Milky had already eaten 5 cards from the deck by the time I noticed. Deeply saddened (only at first!), I looked through the entire deck to see how many cards (and which ones) had been missing.

Suddenly it occurred to me that Milky the Goat had just tried to give me a reading. How else would he do it, if not eating them, right?

And now, Milky the Goat would like to give YOU a reading!

Please add your request to my Readings – Dear Aisselle page, under “Leave a Reply – Comment” and Milky will respond as soon as he can – and add that you’d like a reading from Milky the Goat (otherwise you’d get one from me).

I am very excited, because this only means that now I can expand my business.

Check out this photo of Milky the Goat, eating the 9 of Pentacles from my RWS deck.

Bon Appetit!

My love to you all.

Aisselle & Milky the Goat


Clients can be so fascinating!

Well, I suppose I should share a rather interesting experience I had earlier this week with a new client…

The gentleman came to me, quite distressed and urgently in need of a reading from a tarot master such as myself.  So I took him down to my basement and locked all the doors. We then discussed payment, and came to a certain agreement since he did not have sufficient cash for a reading, which was very mutually agreeable to both of us.

So we proceeded with the reading, which was very deep and spiritual, and of course, I made sure all the usual rules about readings were in place and that I had an astrologically appropriate tin foil hat on my head. Oddly, this client seemed to get very excited when I insisted that he call me ma’am or sir (his choice) during the reading. In fact, he seemed almost more excited about the payment than the reading itself!

Anyway, I tried to advise him to also get a spiritual cleansing, as I had a vision from Hermaphroditey during the payment portion of things about that, but sadly he did not listen to my knowing wisdom on this occasion.

He did promise to write a testimonial about my services for the blog though. I do hope that he does, as he seemed quite satisfied with everything, if I do say so…

Anyway, it’s time to milk my goats again. Blessings, all!

Of snow and goats

I woke today to find the fog dissipating slowly. As yet its significance has still not been revealed to me, but I know it will, given time. Meanwhile, the new hat is almost completed, and while I worked on it, Jay read to me from the Book of Thoth. It inspires me more every day. My favourite card from the deck Aleister created is, of course the Devil – although it troubles so many people, I cannot see it as a bad card, as it has such a beautiful goat upon it.

Last night it snowed. I hope that among the snowflakes Jay brought to my bedside for my contemplation, there was one that will offer an insight for today. Sadly they have all vanished while I slept, so it will be hard to discover, but I will persevere.

My love to you all.


A Special Day.

Today I knew as soon as I awoke that something special was going to happen. I  opened my eyes to find my room filled with an impenetrable fog (I always sleep with the windows open, so that the spirits can reach me if they need my advice.)

I groped my way downstairs to go to the goat shed, and after I had milked and fed the goats, I returned to the kitchen to consider the meaning of the fog. I realised that it clearly states that something is About To Be Revealed. I am about to rise to a higher plane of consciousness, perhaps ? It is of course the day that some call Ash Wednesday; perhaps the fog was a symbol of the burning that creates the ash ?

Whatever this may signify, I must be properly prepared, so I shall return to my bed and fast for the remainder of the day. Perhaps I will create a new tin foil hat, to celebrate the occasion.

My love to you all.

What I have to offer

I had a spiritual awakening when I woke up this morning. Yesterday I was just so sad – I had tried to get certified by an ebay company, but they refused, citing some problems with my Tarot ethics and knowledge.

Overnight, it occurred to me that this was not my fault. I know within myself that I know better than they do, and that they refused me my certification because I am better than they are, and if they certified me I would become dangerous to them.

So I am going to carry only the meagre qualifications I already have into the future, and eschew any other qualifications.

After all, spirituality can’t be measured, right?

Right now, I am wanting two students for a special project. You need to be fit and handsome, and you need to supply your own pickaxes.