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If you would like a Tarot reading with me, please post a comment here under “Leave a Reply – Comment” and I will respond to your comment at my earliest convenience.

Disclaimer: Hermaphroditey channels her messages through the cards, but she is skittish, and makes no promises. She has told me in no uncertain terms that it is our silly little lives we ask about, and it wouldn’t hurt us to work it out for ourselves – though she is haughtily happy to provide her advice when she feels like it. I am instructed by her to do likewise when I take up my cards. Follow any advice you receive here at your peril. Unless it involves gooseberries, which are always acceptable as advice, no matter what the circumstances.

I believe in transparency so your reading will be done here for all of the world to see.

Please read about my Tarot Ethics and my manifesto: Tarot – the Final Solution.

Love to you all, Aisselle


161 thoughts on “Readings – Dear Aisselle

  1. Dear Aisselle, please come back, we need you. I’ve left a thank you letter for my roadside reading the other day in the comments below your last blog post, but maybe you’ll see this and go there if you miss it.

    Love Tea

  2. Aisselle ? Are you out there still ? I need your help. I have rhubarb for you.

    But I need to kill someone. I know I mustn’t. So what should I do instead ?

  3. Aisselle – please help me. My friend told me to come here and gave me your paypal so I paid already. Because my problem is – weird.
    It’s about gnats. I get bitten a lot, and I try to avoid them, but they seem more and more attracted t me, the more I try to avoid them. And just lately they swarm around me in great clouds and I can almost see pictures building up among them, but not quite.
    That’s OK, I guess. The problem is that I am to be a bridesmaid tomorrow. And when all these gnats follow me around – well, it makes me very unpopular. I have been uninvited from a load of garden parties lately – and the wedding reception is to be in a garden. But the bride is my very best friend.
    Should I let her down and warn her about this. Should I say nothing and hope they will lay off? Or is there some way I can make contact and find out why they are doing this and if they would at least lay off for tomorrow?
    I know you are having a bad time so I will understand if you can’t answer about the wedding, but I still need advice form someone as psychic as you.
    Love from Sweetypie

    • Dear Sweetypie,
      It has been a long time since you posted your request – I’m sorry I was not able to reply in time for your best friend’s wedding, or indeed for most of the summer. Still, it has been cool so perhaps the gnats have not been too bothersome.

      For your reading I was drawn to The Picture Postcard Tarot, and the answer to your dilemma arrived with the very first card! Unknowingly I had left the title card hidden in the pack, but these things happen for a reason, as Hermaphroditey would tell you, were you able to hear her voice. Here on the title card is the image of The Fortune Teller. As you can see, there’s a look of calm resignation on the face of this lovely creature (we are all Hermaphroditey’s creatures). This tells me that you are blessed with The Gift, although you have yet to develop your particular method of divination which will need patience and fortitude.

      The Fortune Teller, Wheel of Fortune, Page of Cups.

      No cards, no crystal ball, no palm reading charts are present, as this lady relies on a quite different method from all of these, and although her method has its disadvantages, she has learned to minimize them.

      Next we have the Wheel of Fortune, depicted quite literally. This confirms what the first card has already indicated – that your future lies in divination.

      Now the final card, and all becomes clear. A young girl is playing with some cards, assisted by her pet dog. She raises a hand to swipe at a gnat, and seems slightly shocked that an animal is able to assist her in picking a card. But animals have always had this power. Long ago I knew a pigeon who would chose a card from some laid out on a table in response to the suggestion to ‘peck a card, any card’, and then of course there are our now famous divining goats. Unlike most humans animals have never lost touch with this power.

      The troublesome gnats are simply trying to tell you that they can help with the calling that fate and fortune have lined up for you. Find a quiet place in the garden and ask that they come to you. You may not even have to ask. On no account try to brush them away if some should settle on you. Tell them that you are now prepared to pay attention to what they are trying to show you – perhaps even ask them a question. If you give them your time and rapt attention I know that the pictures they are making just for you will gradually become more coherent and ultimately easy to decipher. You will of course need to work at this for many years before you become an adept, but it will be worthwhile, and once the gnats realize that you’re paying attention they’ll stop biting you.

      May the Blessings of Hermaphroditey be upon you.


  4. Hi Aisselle, I need help! Someone is sending me cards and it’s freaking me out! Not playing cards or tarot cards, not even Valentine cards but birthday cards, and it’s not like I have a birthday every day! This has been going on for a couple of months now and it’s making me feel like I’m getting old fast. Hell, I’d be 86 now! Could you please ask your cards who is doing this and how I can make them stop? Thanks Aisselle. BTW, I loooove your blog!


    • Well, hello, Loris. 86 is a mere trifle in life, as life is eternal, but if you like, you can ask the spirits to keep you at an age – I myself am 39, and that is how old I am. It is a part of me, to be 39; I can never be other. Receiving cards would never change that, nor will they do so for you.

      Now, I will pull two cards for you; one for who and one for how. How very interesting that those two words are anagrams of one another. I feel sure this is of significance. As is everything.

      The Baroque Bohemian Cats seem suited to this issue. They are friendly and celebratory. And the first edition, as it has the beautifully fancy borders which I feel suit birthday cards.

      BBC cards for Loris

      Who. Four of Cups. Interesting. The sender is young and inexperienced, and determined. He – for it is a he, is a pigeon. You are shown as a sleeping cat. The pigeon offers gifts – in the form of birthday cards – over and over again, and you ignore him. He will probably continue until you acknowledge their receipt. But he slipped up – he hasn’t put a tag on any of them. You cannot thank him if he doesn’t identify himself. Meanwhile, he will continue to send the cards in the hope that you will notice him.

      This is someone in your life whom you regard as small and insignificant. Perhaps a child, or a lowly colleague at work? Whoever it is, you are being unfair to them by ignoring them. They simply want you to admit that they exist. I think you may in your heart know who you are ignoring.

      How: Six of Pentacles. The superior cat – that would be you, here – holds aloft a scale – the scales of Justice. The sender reaches out to you from a lower level. Doesn’t that confirm everything I just said? But here you look down on him with a degree of understanding, I think. You will offer him his due – your gratitude for his attentions. The cards were gifts,. Tokens of appreciation, not bullets or rotting fruit. You show, by your clothing and your manner – that he must remain deferential in some way – but you will no longer ignore him. He has your attention. That is all he wanted. He will not need to send more cards. Just make a point of saying good morning when you see him. Or good afternoon, of course, if you see him after luncheon.

      No-one deserves to be ignored, Loris. You see that I do not ignore your plea for help. I think you know who must be the person sending the cards, now that I have explained their feelings about this. They are birthday cards simply because there are few cards in small shops that suit other occasions. Should he have sent sympathy cards, or cards congratulating you on getting out of hospital? I think not. Birthday cards are happy cards. That was all that was intended.

      Find this person and thank them. The cards will stop arriving. I am sure of this. If by any chance they do not, you can expiate any issues left over from your by donating them to a local school for their craft work.

      Thank you for asking for my help. I am always glad to oblige. My paypal details are on their way.

      Blessings, Aisselle

      • Hi again Aisselle – that was quick! Are you sure you’re 39 cos I’ve been following your blog and you say you’re 37! I know you said you’d decided not to get any older, but that was only last b/day! Anyhow, I’ve been driving myself insane trying to think of who could be sending these cards, and last night I had this dream! I was a cat and this very small grey person about as tall as a child of nine (I think it’s a he) who lives down the road kept bringing me small bent things. In the dream I knew these were arcs and that arcs is almost an anagram of cards! Thing is, arcs actually is an anagram of cars! Do you think they might give me cars? One would be enough but the trouble is s/he’s too grey to be young like you said. Anyhow, I’ll try thanking them today and see what happens. Watch this space!


        PS You could get a Donate button for the blog!

      • You are of course right about my age. That was impressive; I do like to see devotion in my fans. I raised the number a fraction to help you feel less awful about being 82 so early in your life. I just could not bring myself to move myself into the forties.
        Whether a child is able to give you cars I cannot guess, but possibly the child’s parents have played a part in all this. If the donor is 9 years old, they will have had to get their pocket money from somewhere, so their parents may well be aware.
        Unless of course they are into shoplifting. In which case they might well manage to liberate a car for you. Also other things. This may be a child I would wish to meet. Please keep me informed.
        Perhaps the donor wears a grey T-shirt?

        Blessings, Aisselle

        PS I could get a donate button. This is true. I thought it perhaps a little BRASH when Minet suggested it – saying that in her former life she had experience of many such buttons, and that this had cost her dearly. It seems she received something called a distraint order at one point, and someone calling himself a Bay Leaf knocked at her door. I don’t know what a distraint order is, but the memory seemed to upset her greatly, so I thought I would not wish to bring that pain on her or on anyone else.

      • Aisselle, I think you may have a problem with numbers. First 37 became 39, now 86 is 82! But anyhow, I spoke to the little grey one today – up close this pigeon is quite wrinkled, and their hair is grey too, though you were right about the grey T shirt! It’s just their height that’s nine years old. I stopped them on the street corner where they were handing out leaflets from a wheelbarrow. I smiled and said ‘Thank you so much for the lovely cards, I’ve made a collage with them, come up and see it sometime.’ I couldn’t resist an impulse to wink at this point as I haven’t really made a collage although I thought of it, but they actually looked quite scared and ran off with the wheelbarrow so perhaps I won’t bother. Anyhow, I just read the leaflet and it’s all about the evil of the petrochemical industry and cars in particular, so I must have been misled about the anagram thingy, unless of course it’s not them at all. I think this pigeon’s name is Walter, as that was the name writ large on the T shirt. Anyhow, will keep you posted!

        As for the Bay Leaf, I have a tree full of those in a pot outside my front door – is that a coincidence or what!!! (They don’t knock though!)

        Looove, Loris x x x x

      • My dear Loris,
        You are of course right again. Numbers are awfully awful for me. This is why Jay does the shopping. Numbers are so mundane, I have never bothered my beautiful head with them.
        But I do know how old I am; there I was being kind.
        So a wrinkled very short old leafletter is sending you cards. This is passing strange. Keep the bay leaves where they are. You may have need of them.

        Blessings, Aisselle

  5. Dear Aisselle,

    I have a friend who wants to find out someone’s sexual orientation. He is interested in this other guy but wants to find out if they are gay or bi or what. I don’t want to waste… I mean, HE doesn’t want to waste his time if he has no chance. Help me, Aisselle, I really want to get into this guy’s pants. I mean, my FRIEND wants to get in his pants. The other guy’s, not his own. He’s already in his own pants.

    Signed, Clueless

    • Dear Clueless,
      How lovely to meet you.
      I am not sure what you or your friend want to do in someone else’s pants, but I will try to answer your friend’s question, and also your own, as I sense that you too would like to know the answer for your own reasons. I only do this because I try to help everyone, as I am not sure this other guy – whoever he is – there seem to be a lot of guys here – wants to discuss this. I also wonder if you are a guy. Not that it matters. Sexual orientation is all in the mind in any case. Jay explained this to me once, and Minet can be very interesting on the subject.
      This is a thorny and probably painful question for someone, and I am not, as I say, sure it should even be asked. So I am using my thorny and painful Crow’s Magick cards, as they are good at the painful things in life.
      A spread – difficult to choose, for such a question. So I tried yes – no – maybe. Three cards. And I am confused. As is everyone here,I think.

      The cards I drew

      I have drawn 8 of Wands, Tower and The Lovers. You might think that last card was hopeful, but – well, look at them. I am not going to read the words, as I think them unhelpful. For yes – well, if that is a yes, it holds out little hope for anyone wanting to get close. If yes is the answer – it is a violent yes, and perhaps not one to be examined too closely. For no – a sinister eye looks out from among bolts of lightning. That looks to me like a card saying mind your own business. It isn’t telling. If this person is indeed of the orientation either of you hopes, it is closely guarded information, and not something he chooses to share.
      For maybe – the Lovers. This is hopeful in one way. But the two people shown – of opposite genders, but as I say – gender is irrelevant here – cannot even face one another; they are separated by an eagle, and as if that weren’t enough, also by a hissing snake – how sexual can you get? Whatever the answer may be – and I don’t feel the cards have chosen to reveal that – there is no future in any approach. Has someone a chance? – sadly, I have to say no. Neither of you, whatever orientations either of you may be, has any chance here. And not because the guy is not of the desired orientation – because he is furious.
      If you are in your own pants, Clueless, I would strongly recommend that you stay there. And I would recommend that your friend do the same – stay in his own pants, not yours. But I would also suggest to your friend that honesty is the best policy. I think the 8 carries that message. That crocodile is shouting it from his carefully guarded corner. He needs to be approached gently, with an offering of some kind.
      I hope this is helpful, if not entirely encouraging. Perhaps your friend would like to contact me directly? I can of course find out using my special powers but the cards would suggest I should not do so. I will therefore not even try, nor would I give you the answer if I did. Not even if you paid extra.
      I am sorry not to be more helpful, but there are other ways to find out, of course. Someone could ask the guy.
      As ever, Aisselle

  6. I have this friend who is damn miserable, ALWAYS damn miserable. It’s getting to me big time and I can’t cope much longer. I said we could go out to a show tomorrow and I’m regretting it already. I’ll have to hear about her sinuses and her bloody kids (both very successful and have money and she doesn’t and she minds for god’s sake, what real mother wouldn’t be pleased for their kids?) and her sick cat and how she has to look after the neighbour’s dog that vomits a lot.
    We’ve been friends for years but she’s getting to be more of a burden than a friend. There’s nothing romantic by the way. We were at school together and – well you know how it gets.
    I’m just about at the end of my rope here but she doesn’t have many friends anymore and I’m not surprised to be honest. I’m at the stage where I might drop her myself. What do the cards think, is there another way out of this for me so we can still be friends of a sort and I wouldn’t feel like she’s a gloomy leeching parasite?
    All suggestions welcome. I’m not a nasty person but sometimes just sometimes I could just kill.

    • I must apologise, Peter. I think perhaps I have left this a little late to help with your immediate problem. Have you been to the “show”? What is a “show”, and did you enjoy it?
      However, for future such incidents let me draw but one card from my trusty Thoth deck. Uncle Al was never very tolerant, unless those he met had money, and you sound – if I may say so – a little that way yourself.
      And I drew the Hierophant. What a lovely card.


      And indeed, here is your answer. It’s so easy when you look, isn’t it. You tower above your little friend. You have knowledge. You have things to think about – and important thoughts surround you. She is – for all she holds a pointy stick – but a small irritant, a patch of green in your inner gold. You must rise above this. You have the key to it all. You must be kind, for she is your friend, but as long as you keep a part of your mind on the big issues of life, she will irritate you less. Do not allow your annoyance to take over. You can listen to her with a part of yourself, while also wondering why there is an elephant behind you. I rather wonder that too, so let that be your task for this week. Please do let me know. Also let me know about “shows”. Would I like them, do you think? Where would I find one?
      My paypal details are in your mailbox.
      As ever, Aisselle

      • That was a bit late for the show, but thanks. Basically you mean kind of ignore her. I hope she doesn’t notice. But that does sound like something I can do, I ignore my father a lot and that helps us get along. It does mean he tells everyone I agree with everything he says, as I never hear what it is to say I disagree but I can live with that as I don’t much like his friends anyway. It might not work quite so well with Aman – my friend, but we shall see. I may have to come back for more advice later.
        A show is like a movie or a play or a musical event. This one was a movie called Bridesmaids. Her choice. She has been a bridesmaid seven times. It was – odd. I don’t recommend it.
        Thanks again. You are so generous with your talents. May I visit sometime soon?

  7. Dear Aisselle,
    I have a problem which I’m hoping you may be able to help me with. I would like to request that you read the cards and shower me with your blessed insights.
    My problem is as follows, injured animals keep visiting me.
    The other week I found an injured fox laying in my garden, it had been attacked by something and was very shaken up. I did what I could and gave it food and drink, which it seemed very appreciative of, even though it was only left over takeaway and red wine. It seemed to perk up a bit and went on it’s way.
    Days later I was visited by a three legged cat, this wasn’t necessarily injured, although it must have been at some point, hence the three legs.
    Today a young blue tit was laying on it’s back just outside my window, it was badly shaken up and although I got it back onto it’s feet, it wouldn’t fly off, so now it’s in a comfy box in my living room.
    What does all this mean? why would I keep attracting injured animals? What shall I do with the blue tit? Could this be a strange set of signs?
    I hope you can help.
    Yours faithfully

    • My dear Jim,

      What an interesting problem you have. I have no doubt that these are signs from spirit that when decoded through my wisdom will reveal your path to you. It is clear that you are a very spiritual person, Jim. Animals such as those you name are the precious children of Hermaphroditey. They would not come to you unless you had been chosen.
      Like the tarot itself this situation has an inner and outer veil. The outer, and obvious meaning is that you have been found worthy by these creatures. They come to you because they know they are safe with you. They turn to you in their need and travail because they understand that you will help them.

      However there is a deeper meaning to their appearance, and this I will address using my tarot cards.

      For you I have chosen the Universal Fantasy deck, as it is filled with many strange and mysterious creatures. Your cards are the 7 of Pentacles, the 9 of Pentacles and the 5 of Cups.

      The first card shows a Unicorn standing upon a rocky ledge, a tree bearing the 7 pentacles growing behind it. At the foot of the rock ledge are two people, one peers up at the beast above, but the other seems afraid to look, and instead asks her companion what they see.
      This card reveals the choice you must make. Both the people in the card could be you. The one that sees, or the one that is afraid to look. The magical creatures of Hermaphroditey have chosen to show themselves to you, turning to you in their sorrow and need. Your choice is to look upon their truth and acknowledge it, or cower back, learning the beauty of the truth only from someone else.

      The second card shows a mermaid and a peacock sitting upon a rock above a lake. Around them are many swans, in the water, upon the land and in the sky above. The peacocks tail bears the images of the 9 pentacles.
      The mermaid is a creature of land and water, the peacock air and land. But the swans belong in all three realms. This tells me that everything has more than one realm in which they dwell, and these worlds, or planes as they are known to the initiated, intersect and cross. The worlds of Mermaid and Peacock meet upon the land, the realm that is shared by both.
      What this is telling you is that there is a place where you and the creatures meet. You must enter the state of being that is shared by them and learn what they have to teach you.
      They are your guides and have come to fetch you. They are the gatekeepers into the world of spirit. You must follow them. They come to you injured and infirm because you are not yet ready to walk, you are as a child in the world of spirit and must crawl. Thus it is that they present themselves to you as broken things in your world, as you will be in theirs, until you allow them to heal you as you have healed them.

      The third card shows a man looking out of a high window and across a high city wall to a landscape of hills and valleys. There are 5 cups around him, two are filled but three are overturned and empty. An aura of sadness pervades this card.
      The man in the card is you. You are looking out onto a world you long for, but feel prevented from entering by the walls you have built for your own protection. The three spilt cups are the three animals that you have already met. The two filled cups are two creatures that you have not yet met. You were wise to consult me, as you have already had three chances to enter the world you long for. Two more will come. Do not miss them or waste them. After they have passed you will need to look for a different door into the wonderland of your dreams.

      Dear Jim, don’t mistake my meaning. You have been chosen by Hermaphroditey, but if you dare to seek admittance you must answer the invitations that you are sent. Do not delay. No door remains open forever.

      With blessing and hope


      PS. I believe the bird will leave when it is ready. In fact, if I am not mistaken it has already gone, and left its blessing with you.

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