Order of the Tin Foil Hat

I recently had the great honour of being awarded the Order of the Tin Foil Hat. As others in the tarot world will appreciate, this is no mean achievement and I feel it recognises that I am at the pinnacle of my tarotical powers. The certificate bears my full name – Aisselle A. T. Gabegie. I rarely write it in full my own self, so the certificate feels very special indeed for including it. My favourite goat was thrilled when I told him of the award, though he ran away when I actually donned the hat. I think the resulting brilliance of my own self combined with the shiny foil was too much for him.

I feel a great responsibility to share the knowledge I have gained over the years,  and now that I have the certificate as tangible evidence of my abilities, I have decided to offer a number of courses in tarot, to spread the Joy of Tarot as widely as I can. Details are below; if you wish to undertake any of the courses on offer, and have the necessary dedication and funds, please contact me;  I am sure we can come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.

Learn more about my tarot courses.

Love to you all, Aisselle


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