A Sacred Trust

My dear friends. I have thought long and hard about whether to share this with you. I have consulted with Milky the Goat and have come to the understanding that yes, the vision that I was given must be shared with the world.

After seeing the strange dancers we returned home and I, confused and bewildered, took sanctuary beneath the apple tree where Milky and I have had so many happy times. I had hoped to regain my equilibrium, but instead, in my reverie I heard a voice that seemed to issue from the tree itself. It told me to return to the woods, that something awaited me there amongst the bluebells.

Now, I am never one to refuse such a summons, and it must be said that as I am so close to the spiritual world these strange events are not as frightening to me as they would be to someone less blessed. So, without ado I put on my favourite tinfoil hat and set out alone, retracing my steps back to the woods.

Once there I walked through the flowers until I felt the urging of spirit to sit beneath a particular tree and await my destiny. I had not waited long before I saw what I had been brought here to see. At first it seemed that there was a patch of mist in a small clearing beneath the trees, but as I watched it began to thicken and resolved itself into a vision of Hermaphroditey, dancing among the flowers. I cannot describe her beauty or the warmth of her presence that filled me in that moment. It might have been minutes or it might have been hours that passed as I watched her dance, but then she faded away again and I was left there, tears streaming down my face.

My friends. I have been blessed beyond all measure. Hermaphroditey has given me the greatest gift that can be given, a sacred trust. She has shown me the error of my ways and has set my feet upon the righteous path. She told me that once I had been a seeker but now I had been found. I have seen the light, I have been reborn.  Once I thought it right to use my special gifts to benefit myself, but now I know that they should be used to benefit all. All Hermaphroditey’s creatures are blessed and will be blessed by this wondrous vision. Not least the goats that are so close to her heart.

My friends. Rejoice with me. Hermaphroditey has shown me the way. Now, I must leave you for Jay is calling and I must bless him with my spiritual presence.

In the love of Hermaphroditey



Thinking Day

I’ve spent the best part of this lovely day in the orchard with the goats, thinking through the implications of Henna’s revelation of last night. Does Joel know? I hadn’t waited to find out. Could Henna be mistaken – fooled perhaps by a passing resemblance between Joel and myself? But if he really is my half-brother I must try to remember what passed between us on the two or three occasions he came for a reading – there have been so many men in my basement that it can be difficult sometimes to distinguish between them, especially as I only have candles down there. And how is it that Henna knows who his father is but not mine? Could they be one and the same? I suppose we are alike – there was always something very familiar about him, although I could never quite put my finger on it. Jay seems to like him too.

I felt up my sleeve for one of the mini tarots I keep on me at all times and found the Ta Rat in its little velvet bag. Milky wandered over and made a selection from the pile of tiny cards in my cupped hands.  At least that’s what I thought, but actually he’d taken a mouthful and left me with three. Just as I was about to turn them over (they were all face down), Ruby skipped out of nowhere and snatched them up, barely pausing to chew before dashing off again, and I was left with nothing. The cards were clearly trying to tell me that tarot insights were not appropriate at this time.

I found Henna in the kitchen simmering goat’s milk to make yogurt and asked her how she’d found out. Apparently she’d been knocked sideways by Joel’s resemblance to me, asked him his age and after a rough calculation taken a swab (she kept a supply of kits handy at all times) from the inside of his mouth to send off for DNA testing.

So that explains the damned swabs, I thought. She was always swabbing people – she wasn’t fussy who. The milkman, the postman, the man who came to read the meter, passing strangers. Joel’s DNA had been sent away to be compared with mine and Bingo! But our fathers were not the same. The goat man hadn’t been around before my conception or birth. And no, she hadn’t told Joel. She was going to leave that to me. Thanks for that, Henna.

Till when,  Aisselle.

Offering a Very Special Reading – Inspired by Milky the Goat

Today, while milking my goats, my favorite goat Milky, had snapped my RWS deck out of my pocket.

Milky had already eaten 5 cards from the deck by the time I noticed. Deeply saddened (only at first!), I looked through the entire deck to see how many cards (and which ones) had been missing.

Suddenly it occurred to me that Milky the Goat had just tried to give me a reading. How else would he do it, if not eating them, right?

And now, Milky the Goat would like to give YOU a reading!

Please add your request to my Readings – Dear Aisselle page, under “Leave a Reply – Comment” and Milky will respond as soon as he can – and add that you’d like a reading from Milky the Goat (otherwise you’d get one from me).

I am very excited, because this only means that now I can expand my business.

Check out this photo of Milky the Goat, eating the 9 of Pentacles from my RWS deck.

Bon Appetit!

My love to you all.

Aisselle & Milky the Goat