Four of Tinfoil Hats

I have rested, and am renewed. This morning I created a new card for my Grand Ellessia Tarot – the Four of Tinfoil Hats.

You see me on my couch in the basement in a deep recuperative state, charging my metaphysical batteries, four of my most powerful tinfoil hats above me on the shelf. They are also recharging in readiness for the next reading. I have depicted this part of my recuperation rather than the earlier part in bed with Jay. Open as I am on this, my very own blog, read by my many devoted followers, there are some things that must remain both occult and sacred.

Now I must attend to creating the vault in the basement. Jay is at this moment at a place called Bee and Queue, whatever and wherever that may be. I can only guess that bees go there to queue for something, which seems very odd, as bees are mostly far too busy to queue for anything and gather nectar without the need to waste time on such things. He did speak of strengthening the basement door before he left though, so perhaps he will collect the necessary materials on his way back.

I will need another powerful Guardian when the work is complete, and of course there are the ritual items to gather together. I must make a list and venture into the magic wood this very afternoon. And perhaps call on the old lady who lives in the caravan – she may have some Spiritual Insights to pass on to me.

Till when, Aisselle


A special reading

Hermaphroditey’s appearance has infused me with energy so I set about spring cleaning while Jay worked outside.

I found myself thinking again of the old woman in the battered caravan. I felt sure she was sent to give me a message, yet unlike the knowledge imparted by the Goddess, it was not clear what that message could be. The blessing she’d given me with the stem of Solomon’s Seal before I left  seemed to suggest protection, the sealing of vows and the Goddess Aphrodisia.  I remembered that I’d promised myself I’d throw some cards to find a Spiritual Insight to ascertain the reason for her appearance and stopped the cleaning immediately. Random thoughts like this are not in fact random at all, but are sent by Spirits in order to help illuminate the paths of those they love.

I ran down to the basement to choose a deck, and was immediately drawn to The Lovers Tarot, for reasons I know not.

I drew four cards, The King of Pentacles, The Hierophant, The King of Wands and Temperance.

I immediately recognized the King of Pentacles as one of the wizards in the beautiful building in the film on the old woman’s television set, and as we can see, he’s gesturing towards a very similar building in the background. The next card, the Hierophant, shows another of the wizards (now inside the beautiful building) casting a spell over two figures, who kneel before him. These figures clearly represent the red soldier and the lovely girl I saw during tea with the old woman.

And here they both are, represented by the King of Wands, a soldier dressed in red, and Temperance, dressed all in white.

The wings are symbolic of the angelic nature of the girl, who is clearly patient, calm, modest and temperate, and not given to histrionics.

The reading seemed incomplete, so I drew three more cards, The Knight of Pentacles, the High Priestess and The Lovers, and now the Spiritual Insight was clear.

Aisselle's Reading 2 by Aisselle A T Gabegie
Aisselle’s Reading,  by Aisselle on Flickr.

The High Priestess could only represent yours truly, Aisselle Gabegie. The Knight of Pentacles with his antlered helmet was Jay, as Cernunnous, in the fields and woodlands that he loves, and the Lovers none other Aisselle and Jay under a sun-kissed bower in the orchard watched over by a small flying angel and tasting the summer fruit!

The message was clear to me – there must be a ceremony. Not a ceremony like the one in the beautiful building, but a natural equivalent – out of doors and under fruit trees in midsummer. A hand-fasting. Jay must wear his Cernunnous antlers and I will wear my tin foil hat.

The Lovers by Aisselle A T Gabegie
The Lovers,  by Aisselle on Flickr.

I felt so happy and excited at this Insight that I created a special card for my Grand Ellessia Tarot – The Lovers. As you can see my excitement has made me look sixteen again. Jay is, as always, Jay, and the antlers are heavy. I must run and tell him the good news now, and thank the old woman too. What a wondrous week this has been!

Till soon, Aisselle

Ends and beginnings.

Today, for some reason, I was moved to work on the Death card – that XIIIth arcanum everyone dreads – for my deck.

I cannot see why everyone fears it so. Death will come to us all in the end. And Baphomet was very good about posing for me, though by the end, said he had cramp in his hoof. He flatly refused to wear either a cloak or a tinfoil hat – I was sad, but feel in the end he was right; he looks splendid.

I meditated on the card for some time before posting it here, though. I don’t want it to frighten my followers. And it said to me that while things have died away over the winter, new growth in the spring will make up for this. Do I believe in reincarnation then? Of course I do. I have been so many people and things in my long long existence. I often revisit some of my past selves. I posed for Lady Freddie Hairy once, in one of my more bestial incarnations, and was immortalised in some of her images. I was so proud.

I also remember fondly the day I watched the asp bite  Cleopatra. As a slave in her retinue, I could not cheer as I would have liked, but it was so very romantic. And the day when General Custer rode on my back into battle on East Cavalry Field was one of my finest moments. If he had only ridden me to Gettysburg instead of changing horses, history might have been so different.

My time as Matilda, daughter of Guillaume le Conquérant was harder. I loved and lost, and died a virgin. And sadly to this day, the history books deny my existence. No matter, I remember me well.

But enough of this. It is the now we must live in. And in the now, Death will come to us all. Let us embrace him, together with his scythe – so handy for haying. And have a cup of tea.

Blessings, Aisselle

A Spiritual Insight

Ace of Tinfoil Hats by Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards
Ace of Tinfoil Hats a photo by                   Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards on Flickr.

What a beautiful day it is! The sky is blue and the sun warms even the shadows, while a little breeze blows the few cotton-wool clouds merrily along.

Jay and I went to lie in the orchard to watch these white puffs, as the shapes of clouds may reveal anything at any time, especially when I’m paying attention.

Watching one little cloud over Jay’s shoulder, I had the sensation that it was a visible kiss from Hermaphroditey herself, and immediately went into an ecstatic trance-like state from which I emerged many minutes later, barely aware of where I was. If Jay hadn’t told me of my absence from this plane (he thought I’d passed out) I might not have known at all.

But I was left with an image of my latest tinfoil hat borne upon a small cloud, and in that moment knew what I must do.

So here is a Spiritual Insight made visible for you in the form of the latest card for my Grand Ellessia Tarot – The Ace of Tinfoil Hats, source, symbol and conduit of intellectual power and passion.

Till when, Aisselle

The Fool

The Fool by Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards
The Fool a photo by                                            Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards on Flickr.

I may walk with eyes closed because my superior intuition and psychic excellence lead me on my path.

I close my eyes so that you may open yours.

I tumble elegantly over the edge of reason so that you may find clarity.

I walk with an empty basket so you may fill it.

The Devil

The Devil by Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards
The Devil a photo by                                            Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards on Flickr.

The goat headed king of the scallywags fishes for feelings from his furious quarry.
The sneaky box peddles its dreams at a costly price of time.
If I were a lesser being, a pathetic human beast like yourself then there would be danger of having my soul sucked into such a pantomime.
You don’t have the luxury of my wisdom so take heed and swap that slithery screen for a mirror.

Ace of Goats

Ace of Goats by Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards

Ace of Goats a photo by                                  Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards on Flickr.

The Ace of Goats is “George”. He is a volunteer because he came from a neighbour’s farm and just decided to stay with us. He is a pretty boy and a lady’s man. Content in his physical grounding he lies on the ground. He has no desire to burn, flow, fly or leap about; George is content.

Casting George in the role of the Ace of Goats has had a calming effect this afternoon. I haven’t heard from Joel – although it’s only a few hours since I emailed. Perhaps I should try to be more like George.

Blessings, Aisselle.

The Chariot

The Chariot by Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards
The Chariot a photo by                                  Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards on Flickr.

The Guided Tour took over an hour, after which we all needed tea of various kinds. Henna brewed up some nettles (which are coming along nicely in the orchard in spite of the goats), Jay had a linden tisane and I resorted to a much-needed camomile to calm my nerves. But on the whole I count it as a victory of sorts, as Henna seemed well-pleased with the improvements we’d made, and approved of the increase in the number of goats, the fertility of which she said reminded her of Alister back in Kansas all those years ago.

After the GT and the tea, much calmed and fortified, I slipped off to my reading room in the basement and created the Chariot card for my Grand Ellessia tarot. I think there’s a definite feeling of victory about it. Now it’s finished it reminds me of the story of the aged knight who went tilting at windmills – what was his name? Don something? I have a feeling his surname was foreign and began with a Q. If I remember correctly he got into all sorts of scrapes and adventures but remained incorrigible, or perhaps indomitable.

And come to think of it, the finished card reminds me of another somewhat incorrigible man whose name began with P – we used to have a print of his hanging up in the kitchen. Grannie especially liked it because she said the goat reminded her of both the Alisters she once knew. I don’t know what happened to it.

I have to go now, Henna wants to talk to us both after supper. She’s cooking nettle and dulse risotto – delicious. I feel better about her being here after the GT and creating this card. I’m a little tired, but what I always say is that the tiredness of victory is a whole lot better than the tiredness of defeat.

Blessings, Aisselle

Nine of Teapots

9 of Teapots by Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards
9 of Teapots a photo by                                     Grand Ellessia Tarot Cards on Flickr.

The Nine of Teapots came to me as I saw Henna advancing upon the house. My immediate thought was “I wish she would go away.” And at once I thought – the Wish Card. Maybe if I create it now, and portray myself granting wishes in the image, I will gain the power to make her feel as unwelcome as she is. For some reason few of my powers are as effective when she is around me, so simply invoking the Great Goat with offerings and glasses of mead (for Jay) did not prevent her arrival.
So I donned my very best wish-granting hat and set to work. And in no time at all, the card was complete. As I arranged it for the world to peruse I suddenly noticed that Dainty had made her way in to the party, hidden in a wicker basket. I couldn’t ask her to leave, so there she sits, gazing at you all. Enjoy her.
Oh – you need a guide to the card ? Wish for what you hope for, but be careful that you mean it. It may come to pass.

Blessings, Aisselle

Eight of Tinfoil Hats

Trapped in a field of hats. Woe is me. Goats were never keen on hats. How can I ever escape? They follow me everywhere. They even want me to WEAR them. I am hemmed in. I will never be able to skip through the hills again. Oh woe woe. I am powerless.

I was having a bad day when this card came to me. Henna is coming to stay – trapped hardly begins to describe what I felt, as I took out my art kit. I had intended to create the Ten of Teapots, but instead I found myself drawn to depict my dread of the coming visitation in the form of imprisonment, of a jail sentence from above.

Jay has offered to make me some soothing camomile tea, and Sebastienne, who so kindly posed for me, is nuzzling me affectionately – but I still find myself unaccustomedly wretched. Oh woe woe indeed.