Another Dream

I had another dream last night. It was so real that the after effects stayed with me as I went to check on the animals before breakfast. I cannot describe the dream here, in so public a medium, but I listened for the woodman again as I passed the edge of the magic wood on the way back to the house. At first his strange voice was silent, and I found myself recalling the events of yesterday, until somehow the dream insinuated itself into the reality of the morning and I heard him again and understood what he was saying.

We were close in my dream, I’ll say no more than that. And he told me I was Special. Of course I already know I’m Special, but it’s always nice to hear it repeated. And then he said that I would never grow old, that although another year has passed since April 1st 2010, that I must always remain thirty-seven.

He said that I am at the height of my powers and will remain so as long as my age stays at that magic number. Three plus seven is, as I’m sure you know, ten.

Ten is the number of the Wheel of Fortune, and my fortune will be good as long as my age is numerically correct.

One is the number of the Magician – who counts tarot reading among his many skills – and zero is the number of the Fool. And one plus zero equals one.

Of course, I must already have known this, because yesterday I was about to change my age on the ‘About Aisselle’ section of the blog when something seemed to hold me back. The Universe works in mysterious ways.

After breakfast I was drawn inexorably to the Thoth, and as I opened the box and looked into the eyes of the Fool, the top card, Hermaphroditey spoke to me:

All ways are lawful to innocence.
Silence breaks into rapture.
Be neither man nor woman, but both in one.

I must meditate on those words when I have time – I feel certain they are of great importance.

Till when, Aisselle

Thoth Fool by Aiselle A T Gabegie
Thoth Fool, a photo by me on Flickr.

My Birthday Forecast

My Birthday Forecast by Aiselle A T Gabegie
My Birthday Forecast,  a photo on Flickr.

The excitement of the last few days has left me breathless. What a Foolish time we’ve all had – Henna, Jay, Joel and me! And amidst the general mayhem I’ve only just realized that I forgot to post my Birthday Reading on the 1st of April. I do one every year, always with the Ship of Fools Tarot, which is exactly right for my birth date.

This year, as Henna was visiting, I decided to use a wonderful spread called The Crone’s Eye View, by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. I’ve adapted it very slightly to provide a forecast for the coming year rather than the answer to a specific question, so the top card, #6, instead of being She knows where to strike, is a general overview of the year to come rather than telling you (or rather me), what to do.

1. She sees the pattern: Death. A Fool holding a clutch of bells is having his skirt plucked by Death. This is clearly the end of the old Henna with her bells, and her exit from my life – at least till next birthday.

2. She sees what is hidden: Knight of Swords. A cheerful Fool, riding a donkey and holding up his little Fool’s thing. This is Joel, riding into my life in his new incarnation as my half-brother. But what is he hiding that has yet to be revealed? It must be the donkey!

3. She sees what is obvious: The Mountebank. A worried Fool, weighed down by a large pendant on a chain consults a magician, who lays a comforting hand on his shoulder. The Fool clearly represents my clients, who come to me burdened with problems. The magician looks cheerful – it will be a good year with many clients.

4. She sees your Strengths: the King of Coins. Hooray! This Fool is finding money between two plants – plucking it out of mid-air. This reinforces the power of the previous card and is clearly me, Aisselle A.T. Gabegie, honing my inventive money-gathering skills. It will be definitely be a good year.

5. She sees your weaknesses: The Devil. A Fool strains towards some pots of coins, driven by the Devil. Money again, this time as temptation. I have to know when enough’s enough, and resist.

6. Overall Forecast (changed from She knows where to strike): Five of Staves. Five Fools waving their little things on sticks. People saying ‘No.’ It seems there will be conflict of some sort throughout the coming year. So, what’s new? I’m well used to conflict.

Till When, Aisselle