Clients can be so fascinating!

Well, I suppose I should share a rather interesting experience I had earlier this week with a new client…

The gentleman came to me, quite distressed and urgently in need of a reading from a tarot master such as myself.  So I took him down to my basement and locked all the doors. We then discussed payment, and came to a certain agreement since he did not have sufficient cash for a reading, which was very mutually agreeable to both of us.

So we proceeded with the reading, which was very deep and spiritual, and of course, I made sure all the usual rules about readings were in place and that I had an astrologically appropriate tin foil hat on my head. Oddly, this client seemed to get very excited when I insisted that he call me ma’am or sir (his choice) during the reading. In fact, he seemed almost more excited about the payment than the reading itself!

Anyway, I tried to advise him to also get a spiritual cleansing, as I had a vision from Hermaphroditey during the payment portion of things about that, but sadly he did not listen to my knowing wisdom on this occasion.

He did promise to write a testimonial about my services for the blog though. I do hope that he does, as he seemed quite satisfied with everything, if I do say so…

Anyway, it’s time to milk my goats again. Blessings, all!