Training Leon (sort of)

Hello readers.

We’ve had a very amusing day trying to show little Leon the ropes. Right now his baby four months old mind tells him that if he bounds up to animals, and pounces when he gets there, they’ll do what he wants, right? Wrong, Leon! He knows the ‘sit’ command, and that seems to be where is education is staying for a while. He decided it was much more fun chasing his audience of birds into flight, rather than learning how to round up the sheep! Then he laid down and watched with his head cocked on one side whilst Jay and I did the rounding up. When all was safely done, he came to nosey and strutted round the sheep as if telling them he was in charge, which was fine until one turned on him and sent him running behind me! It was so funny!

He’s also mastering running down steps – perhaps we should put the sheep at the bottom of some!

Anyway, at least we tired him out. After failing dismally at showing him what’s bred into him, we did some single-word commands. Stand, fetch, drop, stay – they all put a cute little confused look on his face, then when we’d finished, he decided he’d done brilliantly and bounded in and out of our feet as we tried to stay on them whilst walking back to the cottage.

He hungrily ate his tea of puppy food and tripe and as soon as his hiccups had gone, he was spark out on his bed.

Enjoy your sleep, little Leon, you’ve a lot to learn!


2 thoughts on “Training Leon (sort of)

  1. Gosh that isn’t bedding I would have expected to see in such a very spiritual home. I guess you bought it in Oxfam or somewhere?
    Do you think Leon would make a good police dog for George? He doesn’t seem like much of a sheepdog.

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